The highly acclaimed Mojo Audio Mystique v3 DAC is being discontinued and replaced with a newer model in early 2019. I spoke the other day to owner Ben Zwickel about the newest upgrades below:


The Sound Advocate has learned that the newest unit (s) will be nearly identical in appearance with just a few less visible screws on the outer chassis. The circuitry is nearly identical but with several notable improvements.:

1. Upgraded analog output stage.

2. Upgraded USB input stage.

3. Upgraded S/PDIF input stage (including AES).

4. Upgraded power supply.

5. Upgraded chassis and shielding.

Ben has said that some of the people that own his Mv3 that heard our next generation prototype tell us it is easily 30% better (no small improvement!).


Inside of Audio Mojo Mystique v3 DAC

In addition, Mojo Audio is planning on making three versions, all in the same low-resonance chassis.

There will be an ultimate version with ceramic circuit boards, all OCC silver wiring for both the signal and power. (As a result of silver’s higher cost, silver wire and solder are a niche product. Silver is generally used as a component in specialty electronics and sensitive systems, like industrial-grade switches and automobile contacts). Lundahl amorphous core power chokes, Lundahl amorphous core S/PDIF input transformers, and several other upgrades, aptly called the “Mystique Amor.”

For those interested in the economy version Mojo will use Neutrik connectors instead of Furutech, copper vs. silver signal wire, $2 industrial grade resistors vs $15 Vishay “Nude” resistors, normal IC op amps instead of Sparkos Labs discrete op amps, capacitor vs choke input power supplies, and several other more economical parts selections. However, the chassis and circuit boards will be identical and there will be ala carte upgrade options to bring it closer to our current Mv3.

All of them will have the option to upgrade the digital input to an integrated Roon Ready network audio adapter. The first production runs of the replacement to our Mv3 should evolve early in 2019…the other two models and integrated NAA will be trickling in throughout the year.

The gist of Mojo Audio’s concept is that, to quote Ben: “we’ve spent nearly a decade developing our non-oversampling direct-coupled hardware-demultiplexed circuit and nearly five years developing our low-resonance 2-piece polymerized aluminum composite chassis: there is no point in re-inventing the wheel.”

All of Mojo’s DACs will have identical chassis with the exception of a special luminous blue polymer we plan to use on our top-of-the-line model instead of the textured black we’ll use on all other models. And all the circuits will be identical, with the exception of the quality of the parts that will be used, and the type of power supply. In addition, the circuit boards will be modular, allowing a customer to have us upgrade the power supply, digital input board, or digital-to-analog output board, at any time. 

Audio Mojo Mystique Upgrades to DAC Converter


“We’re music lovers and engineers, not some marketing department that wants the engineering department to create a DAC with specific features, at a specific price point, in a specific aesthetic chassis. As such, we work in reverse of most companies: we engineer a DAC in a form-follows-function chassis and then price it according to manufacturing costs”. (Ben Zwickel)

Pricing not OFFICIALLY confirmed as of posting.
CONTACT: www.mojo-audio.com   949.Get.Mojo (438.6656)


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