The Peachtree Audio Nova 500 is the newest incarnation of this excellent model and might just be destined to become a new industry standard in the high power, high performance range of integrated amplifiers. Most audio devotees are aware of Peachtree Audio’s fine integrated amplifier with its built in DAC… as the Nova 300 has been making waves ever since it first hit the market few years back.

The Nova 500 contains a newly designed, very high quality 32 bit/384k asynchronous USB DAC that plays DSD. The DAC is built around the 9028 ESS Sabre chip with a very sophisticated signal path. I have heard through the grapevine that this DAC is comparable to some of the most highly acclaimed DAC’s that cost in the range of $1,500 and up!

The new 500 watt ICE powered amp will deliver 600 watts into 4 ohm loads and is quite stable into 2 ohms. The DAC also supports both coaxial and 2 optical digital inputs as well as having a dedicated USB 1 for your iPhone or iPad. It has 2 analog inputs and one can double as a MM phono stage.

For anyone who can still enjoy headphone listening… it will contain a serious headphone amp and a removable power cord.The fully balanced preamplifier in the Nova 500 is the only balanced Peachtree product which claims to outperform separate preamps selling for double its cost. Peachtree’s great-looking retro cosmetics round this amp off with black lacquer or ebony mocha lacquer cabinets.

Peachtree Nova 500 integrated amplifier

Here are some highlights!

  • Built-in,state-of-the-art, power amplifier with an astounding 500 watts per channel@ 8 ohms / 800wpc @ 4 ohms
  • 2.5 ohmstable
  • ESS 9000Series PRO Sabre DAC with up to 32-Bit/384kHz PCM and 5.6MHz DSD resolution
  • Fully differential (balanced) audio circuitry from the digital inputs to the output
  • Exclusive DyNEC iOS input for audio streaming from Apple Lightning devices
  • Asynchronous USB, (1) coaxial and (2) optical digital inputs for connection to virtually anysource device
  • Phono (MM) input for direct connection of a turntable (can also double as a standard line-level input)
  • Home Theater Bypass for easy integration with a multi-channel system (also doubles as a standard line-level input) driving the front speakers for listening to stereo music reproduction
  • Volume Control Bypass feature for use with variable output source devices
  • Switchable loop feature for inserting an external EQ or other sound processor into the signal path
  • Discrete,high-output, custom-designed headphone amplifier
  • Extensive internal grounding
  • Optional wireless input streaming module (available 2019)


The DAC section in the nova500 includes an amazing new ESS 9000-Series PRO Sabre DAC and utilizes four DACs per stereo channel. In other words, eight DACs in total and should provide stunning dynamic range from any source with minimal background noise to distract from the music. 

Peachtree was the first audiophile company tooffer ESS DACs built into its products and the new 500 includes their latest and greatest DAC!


The preamplifier section in the nova500 take a significant step up by implementing fully differential circuit paths from input to output. This ensures that the ultra-low-noise musical signal provided by the DAC is maintained all the way through the preamplifier, insuring that any external noise or interference that finds its way to the circuit board is cancelled out; thereby having no negative effect on sound quality.


The amplifier section in the nova500 features a new 1200AS2 from ICEPower. As such, the nova 500 is capable of driving virtually any loudspeaker with the utmost ease and authority. “The nova500’sability to reproduce complex music passages at any volume level is simply jawdropping even if only listening to a modest pair of 2-way speakers — but to truly appreciate the amplifier section in the nova500, connect it to a pair of high-end floor standers and be prepared to be completely blown away!”.

Back of Nova 500


The phono section in the nova500 was designed to allow direct connection from a moving magnet or high-output moving coil cartridge equipped turntable. Being a custom design, it will enable the best sound quality reproduction from your vinyl collection and eliminates the need to add an external phono amplifier product to the nova500. The phono input doubles as a standard line-level analog audio input with the simple press-and-hold of the input button


The nova500’s digital inputs provide for connection to virtually any source: one asynchronous USB, one coaxial, two optical.


The nova500 includes an extremely useful LOOP (output/input) feature, allowing you to add an equalizer or other processor into the signal path as desired. The LOOP button on the remote control engages and disengages the loop audio path utilizing high-performance relays. Want to experiment with room correction? Easy. Wire your room EQ component into the nova500 and use the LOOP button on the remote control to A-B between correction in/correction out


The nova500 will include a dedicated asynchronous USB connection on the rear panel that provides a direct digital wired connection for Apple Lightning-equipped devices. 

Simply use the cable that came with your iPhone or iPad and experience your music transformed by the nova500’s DAC and fully differential preamplifier – whether you’re listening via headphones or through your main speaker system. 

The Apple IPhone 8+

With DyNEC and an asynchronous connection, Peachtree’s dedicated iOS input lets you hear your music with all the clarity,dynamics and emotion the artist intended!    And . . . the metal-faced Peachtree remote controls basic playback functions like FF/RR and pause, so you can just “sit back and enjoy!”

A VOLUME CONTROL BYPASS  –  Thenova500 provides a Volume Control Bypass feature on its digital inputs which puts the nova500 into “power amp” mode. This is useful if you have a connected source with its own volume control. Have a favorite device or app with a volume slider built right into the interface? Simply bypass the nova500volume control for that input and use the app slider instead. It’s QUITE CONVENIENT, NO??

The Peachtree Nova500 will be selling for$3,399.00     Website –

Contact Info at:   704-391-9337


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