SOUND ADVOCATE 2019 New Year Attractions!

Keep us on your radar for some exciting Sound Advocate 2019 New Year Attractions as we will be delightfully taking on some informative and eye opening reviews and commentary early on this year!

Our January- February posts will include some equipment reviews that will examine, in full detail, some components heretofore not completely scrutinized by the “usual suspects” in the high end audio online press!

Frank Perraino will give an in depth and comprehensive study of Rob Fritz’s Audio Arts Speaker Cables and Power Cord as used in his state of the art reference system, with an addendum by editor Howard Milstein. Howard will then proceed to give some insightful opinions on the Audio Arts digital coax cable, which may have been somewhat overlooked by the audio press.

Audio Arts Power Cord

Marvin Bolden will be deeply exploring the Mastersound 845D integrated TUBE amplifier; a dual mono Class A unit that’s somewhat limited output power will undoubtedly surprise you in many ways!

Mastersound 845 integrated amplifier

Howard has been listening to the small Wyred 4 Sound mINT integrated amplifier. Most of the “esteemed” press usually refers to this amplifier as a great desktop unit; – how little do they truly know! Watch for this review!!

Wyred4Sound mINT integrated amplifier

I bet you did not realize that Peder Bäckman , International Sales Manager of AVM Audio, USA whos A-30 integrated amplifier has been wowing the audio press as of late, will be UPGRADING this model early next year!! (We hope to have an early sample).

In the meantime, I will be giving an “in depth” analysis of his current CS2.2 integrated amplifier. Yes- there MIGHT be more to this uncompromising, value oriented “do it all” amplifier/receiver/streamer that you may have read about in the other audiophile online sites!

AVM audio integrated reciever

By the way, little has been mentioned of the NEWEST upgraded models due out in Feb.2019 of Parasounds A21 and A23 power amps; including the John Curl designed JC1 monoblocks amplifiers as well as his matching pre-amp. I will be taking a hard look at these models in the earlier part of 2019.

Parasound JC1 by John Curl

Last, but not least, we currently have on hand a sample of the presumably incredible MAD SCIENTIST (by price, at least) “Black Magic” digital cable waiting to be auditioned. His Heretical analog interconnects will also be scrutinized at the same time. From the few great things I’ve heard, I have lots of excitement and apprehension while waiting to try out the Mad Scientists interconnects!

mad scientist black magic digital usb cable

Spread the word among your friends and associates about us….and remember to keep following The Sound Advocate for to be quite blunt–“We are a WOW”!!!


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