An update to the Nagra HD Dac – The Nagra DAC X update at CES is one of the MOST esteemed audiophile DAC’s currently made!

I have experienced the NAGRA HD DAC only once a few years back at the AXPONA, and not in an ideal listening environment. However, this supremely ultra-high-end DAC is extraordinarily expensive and for those who can afford it, is one of the most sought-after audiophile products ever produced.!.

The HD DAC X has added some strapping upgrades in comparison to its predecessor. The HD DAC X features no less than 37 individual power supplies, and the units principal digital power supply is claiming a noise level 30 times lower than the HD DAC.

The analogue section is now presented in dual mono form, updated and improved from the HD DAC. The new Nagra transformers, built in the company’s Switzerland factory, are capable of delivering the necessary voltage. The new unit has incorporated individually specified components throughout.

Nagra has always taken great satisfaction in the amazing quality of its transformers which are all in house built to the company’s most discerning standards. As a company producing such audio products, they must be obsessive about quality control, and some of these units when examined outwardly at least, exhibit this to the fullest extant.

Nagra HD DAC X inside view

Historically, companies such as this have usually started out in basements or garages and inevitably, uncompromised checking of every part that goes into the products are prudently scrutinized.

Nagra Audio Factory Switzerland

Not unusually, thorough records of every product it makes are kept and every unit shipped includes detailed documentation and performance graphs of each one sold. Once fully built, every item manufactured is tested for days to ensure reliability and complete the initial phase of running-in.

Nagra audio products are built for a long life thanks to the meticulous care taken in manufacture and the quality of materials used. (No doubt MUCH longer than the average audio enthusiast keeps any product in his preferred reference system!)

Although presumably, it would be a glorious experience to  listen to this unit in one’s personal system and home environment, I am never quite sure if any audio product as such is worth this type of expenditure.

What I can say is that if you value total precision in build quality and find that your subjective impressions warrant the cost of this unit, the Nagra HD DAC X could be one of the few audiophile investments you may not ever regret!



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