The Aavik U-150 Integrated Amplifier has Arrived!

The small Danish ‘Audiophile’ company, Aavik Acoustics has recently released The Aavik U-150 integrated Amplifier !

Danish “Audiophile”company Aavik is now owned by audio entrepreneur Lars Kristensen, who’s resume includes alliances with several top-tier audio brands including Nordost and Riadho. He now oversees of Aavik as well as Ansuz.


Avik’s first integrated amp, the U-300, was titled with the U- for Unity. Therefore, one important concept behind the Aavik U-300 was to unite state of the art functions and components into one single, compact, high performance box. Their newest unit is the U-150 and although it is still somewhat expensive, the updated model is a smaller brother to the U-300 at a considerably more friendly price point. This U-150 is currently being distributed within the U.S.

Class D amplifiers, have now become the NEW WAVE of the industry and believe me from personal experience, they can be every bit as good as anything I’ve heard in either Class A or A/B; you can take that to the bank!

Chief Designer Michael Borresen has developed the 150 based on all the experiences gained by the development and production of the highly praised Aavik 300 series and as thus, it carries most of the Sonic DNA from its famous larger siblings.

Its luxurious cabinet is “satin silver” aluminum with a solid acrylic front plate providing a backdrop to the centered “iconic” volume control. The U-150 amplifier will deliver 300W per channel in 8 ohms and 600W per channel in 4 ohms. The sleek and sporty exterior design of both models gives you very simple and intuitive controls and a clear and easy to see dot-matrix display – everything straight forward and ready to operate.

Back of Aavic U-150

The U-150 also has 2 optional modules. The DAC module which is PCM, DSD and MQA compatible as well as a Phono Module option to be installed as per the user’s choice. The U-150 DAC might well be the clue to this amplifier with extraordinary levels of transparency and dynamics. Digital inputs include SPIDF, TOSLINK and asynchronous USB up to 24-bits/192kHz. Of importance is the fact with the U-150 integrated power amplifier, the designer has specifically supplied a much better and stronger power supply.

Again, this amplifier, (as well as all Aavik amps) are exquisitely built as well as being a sight for sore eyes! All music lovers and audio enthusiasts should try to get an audition of the Aavik Acoustics line to get a glimpse of what they may have to offer! The Sound Advocate will hopefully get a chance to review this ‘tour de force” in integrated amplifiers at some time in the very near future.

Aavik Acoustics 9000 Aalborg / Denmark Web: Tel: +45 40 51 14 31

U.S Distribution: Dana Mueller – Gated HiFi Tel. 630.246.0197


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