Cary Audio has released the CARY CAD-211FE MONOBLOCKS!

It is pretty well known that using Monoblock amplifiers, as opposed to both channels together as a stereo chassis, is a better way to get powerful, clean separation and the lower distortion from your system. By using separate power supplies that can be much more massive, each amplifier can have more dynamic power and be quieter. Keeping two separate amplifiers also makes any inter-channel crosstalk in the amplifiers impossible, so separation is better, meaning your soundstage and musical imaging will be larger and more well-defined. The simple act of separating the two channels provides a lot of distinct advantages but also increases the investment because of needing to double up on power supplies and chassis parts. Is this extra expense worth it?

Cary Audio CAD-211FE monoblock amplifier

With the CAD-211FE, not only do we have a pair of stereo amplifiers with over 70 watts of Class-A power, but a superlative tube (valve) design, as only Cary Audio knows how to implement! The 211FE Monoblock tube amplifier automatically transitions as needed to over 150 watts in class-AB and this powerhouse will effortlessly drive nearly any speaker to realistic live performance levels.

It includes a bias meter on the front panel to help you maintain your amplifier at its peak operating level and offers both XLR balanced and RCA single-ended inputs to match your system. Fully differentially-balanced construction, zero global feedback, and huge reserves of current and power mean that your system will come alive with all types of music and if you wish, your favorite theatrical films.


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