GRYPHON AUDIO debuts Ethos CD Player at Axpona 2019

Gryphon Audio debuts Ethos CD Player at Axpona 2019. It was arguably, the most prodigious new product on display!

The Gryphon Ethos is, without doubt, the most exotic CD player I have ever seen as it made its debut at this year’s AXPONA High End Show in Chicago. This striking CD player/DAC features a circular top-loading CD inset on top of a beguiling triangular base.

Gryphon Audio Ethos CD player

The Ethos sits on Gryphon Atlas Spikes, designed to dissipate any mechanical energy.  A range of Technical elements includes ESS Sabre 9038 Pro chipsets, a fully discrete and fully balanced, Class A output stage. It adorns selectable PCM filters and three selectable DSD filters. Most assuredly, it serves as a DAC with AES/EBU, USB, and BNC inputs. It can also be used as a transport with an AES/EBU output. Enticing LED bars highlight upsampling and phase status. You can play a disc and have the player upsample to a 384 khz sampling rate .

Undoubtably, Gryphon believes that in the Ethos they have delivered the ultimate combination of CD transport and digital-to-analogue converter. It has been designed with a single-minded commitment to the compact disc. Adding to that, this player not only handles standard 16-bit/44.1 kHz “Redbook” CD but also playback when hooked-up to external sources up to 32-bit/384 kHz PCM and up to DSD512.

The Ethos retains Gryphon’s dual mono design and fully symmetrical balanced reasoning, being fully balanced throughout the digital DAC domain as well. Inside you will find eight DAC’s in full dual differential mode. This configuration incontrovertibly lowers the digital noise floor and contributes to the outstanding soundstage and distinctly focused stereo image the Ethos displayed.

Grryphon Audio ETHOS AXPONA 2019

Gryphon states that “correctly implemented upsampling eliminates the need for conventional, steep-slope analogue filtering altogether.” Within the Gryphon Ethos, one finds its thoroughly regulated, fully discrete, fully balanced Class A analogue output stage employs zero negative feedback and offers both balanced XLR and single-ended phono outputs. The analogue section is supplied with +23 Volts, and methodical attention is paid to power supplies with separate transformers and comprehensive regulation.

Besides its amazingly sumptuous and luxurious sound, it is built to keep pace with digital technology as it evolves and as upgrades become available the company will ensure that your Gryphon Ethos remains on the cutting edge of CD playback. It is, without doubt, enormously expensive, (approx. $30,000) but is definitely worth hearing and experiencing for any audio enthusiast worth his salt!

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