JOSEPH AUDIO Perspective and Pulsar Updates – AXPONA 2019

Most of our subscribers will have noticed that Jeff Josephs; proprietor of Joseph Audio was not mentioned in our AXPONA overview 2019. I have since decided to post this article not only in the event of the Joseph Audio “Perspective”and “Pulsar” updates heard at this years Axpona, but to one of the finest loudspeakers (Perspectives 2 Graphene) made today at any price!

The improved Perspective 2 Graphene was something that one does not hear to often, particularly at its relatively modest price. This is an ability to display an open, rich, natural and tonally neutral midrange to treble reproduction along with a firm, solid and almost “perfect” (not over blown or huge…. just naturally aligned and integrated within the complete design of the loudspeaker) bass response! The soundstage perspectives and image localization were just something to behold and totally inspiring. It is hard to say just how much of an improvement the new perspectives are over the original model, but there is no doubt that this is the “sweetest” no less audibly pronounced and close to perfect model in the Joseph lineup.

Joseph Audio Perspective Graphene 2

The Joseph Audio Pulsar 2 Graphene 2 was also showing its amazing abilities to portray live music as close as possible to concert hall reproduction. It is a two-way compact loudspeaker of bass reflex design with exceptional depth, soundstage perspectives and a huge, firm bass response for its size. This speaker borrows much of the cabinet and driver technology and crossover of Joseph Audio’s top of the line “Pearl”.

Joseph Audio Pulsar 2

The demonstration included products designed by Jeff Rowland amps and preamps, Audio Technica, and the Aurender A10 music server which was doing a magnificent job of displaying the authenticity of the Joseph loudspeakers. The superb presentation and exceptional sound of the Joseph Audio Pulsar and Perspective definitely demanded a post of their own. Along with Magico, Rockport,YG Acoustics and Spendor, they seemed to take a leap forward to being the best sounding loudspeakers at this years Axpona.


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