DS AUDIO E1 optical and HANA MC cartridge INTRODUCED!

Musical Surroundings now presents the DS Audio E1 optical and Hana MC cartridge. The E1 optical is the most affordable optical phono cartridge system; now with all of the performance advantages of our proprietary technology. Remember, there are no lasers, it is pure analog, and it’s got a needle!

DS Audio E1 optical and Hana MC cartridge

The new DS E1 optical features an Elliptical stylus mounted to an aluminum cantilever. It incorporates advancements developed for all of our handmade optical cartridges including our flagship Master1, featuring a more efficient signal path with the optical screen closer to the stylus and our new wire suspension for increased channel separation. ~~ E1 Optical Cartridge System $2,750   

The DS E1 preamp ($1,500) is our most affordable equalizer with RCA outputs. As with all of DS Audio’s line of optical phono cartridge preamps, it features excellent signal-to-noise and minimal filtering for pure analog sound.  

DS Audio E1 optical and Hana MC cartridge
The DS E1 preamp

Hana ML MC cartridge $1,200 

Building upon the foundation of the critically acclaimed HANA brand, this evolutionary new model continues the HANA tradition of Japanese Handmade MC cartridges featuring Alnico magnets and aluminum cantilevers. The M Series features higher specification parts, advanced materials, unique technical treatment and superior mechanical interfaces

M Series Nude Microline stylus – Higher Specification Part A Nude Microline stylus,  resembling the cutting stylus and fitting more precisely into the groove, enhances tracking for better frequency reproduction, stereo imaging, and resolution

High Purity copper wire – Higher Specification Part Very high-purity copper wire is used for winding the M Series cross-coil armature. The ML’s new low impedance coil design optimizes performance with a wider range of phono preamps.

 Delrin© cartridge body – Advanced Materials ~~ Injection molded from POM, commonly known as Delrin©. This material is a high-tech polymer with improved mechanical characteristics for better resonance control, revealing more low-level information and enhance dynamic range.

 Cryogenic Processing – Unique Technical Treatment ~~Cryogenic processing is Cold Annealing that restructures metals at the molecular level. Treating key parts in the Alnico based cartridge generator provides greater linearity and musical sound quality.

Threaded fittings – Superior Mechanical Interface ~~ Built into the M Series Delrin© cartridge body are metal threaded fittings for headshell mounting hardware, offering easier attachment and a superior interface for better bass and dynamics. 

Brass Cap – Superior Mechanical Interface ~~ The Delrin© cartridge body features an integral machined brass cap providing constrained mode layer damping and its heavier 9.5 gram weight provides expanded compatibility with a wider range of tonearms and turntables.

The Sound Advocate will be reviewing the DS Audio D1 along with CLEARAUDIO CONCEPT Turntable Active Edition in March of this year.

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