The Mojo Audio Mystique EVO D/A converter has just been released with power supply and signal path upgrades engineered into their newest, latest and most unique design!

Albuquerque, New Mexico (October 17, 2020)

Mojo Audio has just introduced the next in their line of Mystique digital-to-analog converters. The new Mystique EVO uses the same ultra-purist non-oversampling direct-coupled R-2R topology and LC choke-input power supplies as their award-winning Mystique v3 with notable improvements to the digital input and analog output stages.

Unlike many companies who try to con consumers into believing they can resolve inaudible digital resolutions, Mojo Audio believes in order to render a natural sounding analog signal from a digital source it is not higher digital resolution that is required but rather better analog output stages, lower noise floor, and faster power supplies. This is a new concept in high-end digital audio.

Mojo Audio Mystique EVO DA converter inside

We call our new DAC “EVO” because it actually evolves. The same chassis and circuit boards are used to make a line of DACs which range from $6K to $15K. The EVO offers identical circuits, ICs, and discrete modules, with different levels of power supply performance, signal path components, advanced shielding, and anti-resonance.

An enthusiast could buy the entry-level EVO Basic and over time upgrade it to the most advanced version. Upgrades such as OCC UniCrystal silver wire, Furutech connectors, Vishay “Nude” TX2575 resistors, Lundahl amorphous core chokes, Graphene shielding, and Stillpoints anti-resonance products, can be selected at the time of purchase or upgraded any time in the future. A Mystique EVO Pro was reviewed in Audiophilia and was awarded “Star Component’” The Sound Advocate will be reviewing one of the “mid-level” versions of this promising and evocative new DAC (EVO B4B w/ Lundahl ferrous core chokes in the analog PSU @$7995.95) in December of this year!

Mojo Audio Mystique EVO DA converter


Specializing in digital source components and ultra low-noise ultrahigh-dynamic linear power supplies, Mojo Audio is driven by engineering rather than fashionable marketing. Their pragmatic approach of error prevention vs error correction has a history of winning prestigious awards from well-known audiophile publications. Using a unique combination of 100-year-old LC choke-input power supplies, 30-year-old vintage R-2R DAC chips, and the best-of-the-best of modern components, Mojo Audio’s digital source rivals the best analog sources.

For more information on the Mystique EVO call Benjamin at

949.Get. Mojo (438.6656) or email him at:

Mojo Audio Inc

12941 Marva Place SE
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