NEW Innuos 8TB SSD Music Server Versions

The Newest Innuos 8TB SSD music server and streamer versions are now available for the ZENith Mk3 and STATEMENT!

Innuos has just announced the release of the enhanced 8TB SSD version for the ZENith Mk3 and flagship STATEMENT music servers and streamers. We have recently reviewed their excellent Zen Mk.3 here in the Sound Advocate and our editor currently uses the Zenith MK.3 as a reference server.

With this new release, Innuos now offers an increased storage capacity on their ZENith and STATEMENT servers providing an additional opportunity for those audiophiles with particularly large music libraries and who still demand access to higher performance.

The new drivers in the ZENith Mk3 and STATEMENT Music Server and Streamers will now deliver twice the storage capacity of Innuos’ earlier Mk3 and STATEMENT versions and they will continue to offer Innuos’ commitment to exceptional audiophile performance and effortless usability, providing a high-quality digital source for one’s digital collection and streaming services.

The ZENith is their premium server and streamer, top of the ZEN Mk3 family of products while the flagship STATEMENT represents a state-of-the-art digital source. One can enjoy their library of CDs and high resolutions files, and access all the content in the world through streaming services such as Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz and internet radio – all at one’s fingertips through an exceedingly simple user interface on their mobile device.

New Innuous 8TB SSD music server back

Usability and audiophile performance Innuos has found that these two principals have been at odds with one another in the Music Server and Digital Audio world for a long time, but have set out to change this since it founding in 2009.

They maintain their vision that high-quality audio does not mean compromising in ease-of-use. Through precise matching of their bespoke hardware and in-house developed software, Innuos music servers and streamers continue to prove that the digital source can still be pushed to new levels.


ZENith Mk3 – € 5 999 Eur; £ 5 399 GBP; $ 7 499 USD; $ 9 799 CAD

STATEMENT – € 13 600 Eur; £ 12 200 GBP; $ 17 000 USD; $ 22 100 CAD

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