The WILSON AUDIO Alexx V loudspeaker is Imminent!

With the arrival of the Wilson Audio Alexx V loudspeaker the company is once again stepping up their game with an expected March release!

Wilson Audio’s newest version of the Alexx V loudspeaker in many ways, takes most of its design cues from the famous WAMM Master Chronosonic. The Wilson Audio’s Alexx V is purportedly set to be launched on March 29.

As with the recently released Sabrina X, Mr. Daryl Wilson and the team approached the Alexx V as a whole new speaker, taking advantage of all the company’s research and development results over the past five years since the Alexx’s launch in 2016, applying these to the elements that worked quite well on the original design.

The unique Alexx loudspeaker rapidly received quintessential acclaim throughout the audiophile industry. Now, 5 years after the enormous accomplishment of the company’s WAMM, Master Chronosonic,  the Alexx V builds upon the authenticity of Alexx’s success by re-engineering the overall performance characteristics without enlarging its comprehensive footprint. Comparing the all around dimensions of Alexx V to the original, Alexx V is just 1″ deeper and 1″ taller whilst retaining the equal width of its predecessor.


Alexx V has further improved upon the original Alexx by giving it a higher level of detail and resolution (both physically and audibly). Finally, Alexx V incorporates Wilson Audio’s latest design techniques which started with the WAMM Master Chronosonic.

The speaker not only allows for more structural rigidity and setup flexibility but also provides a freer-flowing organic look as well as a demonstrably improved sound quality.  As every component of Alexx V has been re-evaluated and significantly refined, the professed result is a better-engineered as well as a sonically inimitable overall performance quality. (it had better have at its suggested retail price!) 

This launch of Alexx V represents a culminating plan of loudspeaker design; something that Wilson Audio has been steadfast about since the original loudspeakers inception some 5 years ago.

The Wilson Audio Alexx V is due to be launched on March 29th, with pricing projected to be $135,000 USD. See their website for more information:



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