NEW Aavik U 180/280/580 series Introduced

Press release ~ The New Aavik U 180/280/580 series has arrived!

October 23, 2021 – Aavik Acoustics has expanded its highly acclaimed series of separate audio components, the Aavik I and D-180 (The / 280 is currently under examination by The Sound Advocate) and 580 with this new Aavik U-180, 280 and 580 series, which combines both components, integrated amplifier, and DAC, into one module.

By doing so, Aavik has successfully responded to the demands of the high-end audio lovers who want to minimize the space that is required for separate audio components but make no compromise on the ultimate quality of high-end music reproduction.

A common mainboard now replaces the two separate ones. This completely redesigned mainboard provides the shortest possible signal path between the amplifier and DAC and guarantees excellent speaker control.

Aavik’s new U-series has the same DNA as Aavik’s series of separate components. The new U-series are equipped with the same advanced electronic components and are made from the same innovative materials.

Based on this, and equipped with the newly developed mainboard, Aavik’s new U-series also features a low noise floor and unprecedented dynamic speed. Tight speaker control and balanced stability create a persuasive and crystal-clear sound image that reflects even the finest sonic details.

The premium U-580 series is Aavik’s flagship model of this series. With the large cross inlay in the top plate, the U-580 is easily recognizable. The cross is made of titanium and serves as a resonance control element adding a warm and natural tone to the listening experience.

What also elevates the Aavik U-580 series to a higher level of performance is its inner chassis, which is made of solid copper. The effect of this is a further reduction in the hysteresis, giving the music more energy and power.

This premium series is also equipped with additional Ansuz noise reduction control. These innovative technologies are designed to pave the way for an unconstrained signal flow.


The new Aavik series are designed to ensure massive power resources with ultra-low noise.

When more power is needed, the operating frequency increases, which, in turn, has the advantage that the power density also increases, thus allowing higher peak power when required by the music.

The noise floor in the raw power supply is extremely low but could be even further lowered by the ultra-low noise regulators supplying the different parts of the circuit. The noise of these regulators is measured in a few microvolts, respectively nanovolts, and is significantly lower than the noise level of conventional regulators.


Aavik has utilized the patented UMAC™ amplifier technology. This technology was developed to avoid the design flaws of traditional switching amplifiers. UMAC technology primarily targets two areas of modulated amplifier design. Firstly, the PWM (PMW: Pulse-Width Modulation) generation is produced with sine wave modulation rather than the more common triangle modulation.

The benefit is that sine waves create far less high-frequency noise than triangles, no sharp corners, and thus require far less inductive filtering at the output. The lower inductance in the output gives the amplifiers a much better damping factor and thus a distinctly better speaker control. Secondly, the advanced dual mixed-mode feedback allows damping factors that are characteristic of only the very best linear amplifiers.


The Aavik DAC section is designed around 5 digital inputs, which all excel in audio performance. The DAC operates without any digital signature. This makes any music sound natural and authentic.

The digital circuits boast the best high-frequency capacities. Great care was devoted to the set-up of the PCB design (PCB: Printed Circuit Board). By employing time-aligned, ultra-short, 4-layer PCB traces, Aavik wants to preserve the natural and pristine sound quality of the wide and complex range of different signals. The DAC circuits are also fitted with ultra-low jitter onboard clocks.


To wrap things up, and best accommodate individual listening preferences, Aavik has designed 4 individual settings.

Since the selected signal source connected to the input can tinge on the actual sound performance, up-sampling can be switched on and off. There is also a choice between a slow (soft high-frequency roll-off) and a fast (steep high-frequency roll-off) filter.

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