Mojo Audio introduces the NEW Mystique X. DAC

Albuquerque, New Mexico (November 7, 2021 ~ Mojo Audio introduces the new Mystique X DAC. In keeping up with the overwhelming demand for our products, Mojo Audio has taken a totally new direction. The new Mystique X Digital-to-Analog Converter is engineered for robotic manufacture, housed in an extruded aluminum chassis, and will be sold through an international network of retailers.

Using the same ultra-purist non-oversampling direct-coupled R-2R topology, NOS AD1862 ladder DAC chips, and LC choke-input power supplies, as the award-winning Mystique EVO Pro.

The Mystique X delivers that Mystique magic starting at only $7,777. This is the unit that The Sound Advocate will be reviewing in Jan. 3022.

Unlike companies who con consumers into believing they can resolve inaudible digital resolutions, Mojo Audio believes in order to render a natural sounding analog signal from a digital recording, it is not higher digital resolution that is required, but better analog output stages, a lower noise floor, and faster power supplies.

Using a unique combination of 100-year-old LC choke-input power supplies, 30-year-old R-2R DAC chips, and the best-of-the-best of modern components, Mojo Audio’s Mystique X will rival the best of analog.


Orders are now being taken for the first production run shipping mid-January 2022.

Specializing in digital source components, Mojo Audio’s designs are based on proven engineering rather than fashionable marketing rhetoric. Mojo Audio’s pragmatic approach of error prevention vs error correction has a history of winning prestigious awards from well-known audiophile publications.

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