NEW NOLA Champ S3 and Metro Grand Reference Speakers

The Nola Champ S3 – Metro Grand Reference Speakers make their World Premiere at Capital Audiofest 2021!

HOLBROOK, New York, November 1, 2021 — At the Capital Audiofest 2021, Nola Speakers will present the world premiere of its Champ S3 and Metro Grand Reference Gold Series 3 loudspeakers. The Champ S3 is an under-$10,000 per pair floor standing open baffle model incorporating all-new drivers and technologies, to provide performance never achieved before at its price. The Metro Grand Reference Gold Series 3 now incorporates upgraded crossover technology and proprietary techniques to provide breakthrough performance.

Both loudspeakers will be showcased at Capital Audiofest, November 5 – 7, 2021 at the Twinbrook Hilton, Rockville, MD, in the Regency Room.

“The Champ S3 was created in response to requests for a more affordable floor-standing speaker that incorporates our classic open-baffle array design,” noted Carl Marchisotto, President of Nola Speakers. “It can be considered a modern-day Alon I, and delivers compelling musical involvement, with superb resolution, life-like dynamics, a natural tonal balance, an expansive sound space, and other outstanding sonic qualities.”

Measuring 42 inches high by 9-1/2 inches wide by 12-inches deep, the new Champ S3 is a 3-1/2-way design that employs five drivers. The tweeter and midrange drivers are housed in Nola’s signature open-baffle configuration, which eliminates “box” enclosure colorations and contributes to the speaker’s spacious soundstage. The Champ S3 features Nola’s finest silk-dome 1-inch tweeter and twin 3-inch midrange drivers mounted in a dipole configuration, for smooth, yet detailed reproduction and the open, airy sound with a fast transient response that Nola speakers are renowned for. The dual 6 1/2-inch low-mass bass drivers operate in separate, tuned chambers, a design that combines bass extension with superior speed and articulation.

The Champ S3’s crossover network utilizes two hand-wired point-to-point boards with Mundorf oil capacitors and Nordost monofilament silver wire in critical audio path locations. The Champ S3 is supplied with a matching base, and floor spikes, and is available in an elegant American cherry wood finish. The Nola Champ S3 is now shipping at a suggested retail price of $9,500 per pair. An optional double-ball-bearing isolation platform is available for $3,000 per pair suggested retail. At such a duly comprehensive price point, The Champ should be quite an interesting model to evaluate here at the Sound Advocate!

Metro Grand Reference Gold Series 3 

The Nola Metro Grand Reference Gold Series 3 is an ultra-high-end floor-standing loudspeaker designed to deliver state-of-the-art sound in small to large-sized rooms. It has been upgraded with new crossover network technology, new midrange, and bass drivers, and proprietary refinements. The speaker’s true ribbon tweeter has been improved with new components built in-house. The twin magnesium cone Super Alnico magnet bass drivers have been re-engineered for extremely low electrical and magnetic distortion and electrical “drag” has been reduced, for improved low-level signal reproduction, dynamic contrasts, and quick transient response. In addition, Nordost internal silver wiring is used throughout.

Available in mirror-imaged pairs, the Metro Grand Reference Gold Series 3 features a proprietary-design ribbon tweeter for extraordinary clarity and detail, along with a 4-1/2-inch proprietary midrange driver driven by a Super Alnico magnet with a gold plated phase plug, Dual 6-1/2-inch woofers driven by Super Alnico magnet systems operate in separate tuned chambers and provide a clean response to 25 Hz. The speaker is available in a real Santos Rosewood Gloss finish with a Black Gloss base. Black Gloss and other finishes are available by special order. A double ball-bearing isolation platform is included. The Nola Metro Grand Reference Gold Series 3 is now shipping at a suggested retail price of $60,000 per pair.

About Nola Speakers

In 2004 Carl and Marilyn Marchisotto founded Accent Speaker Technology Ltd. and created the Nola product line to bring the experience of listening to live music to a wider number of people. President and Chief Engineer Marchisotto have been designing audio equipment since 1973 at Dahlquist, Acarian Systems/Alon, and Accent/Nola, which now offers a complete loudspeaker lineup from high-performance bookshelf models to the flagship $500,000/pair Nola Grand Reference Gold VII System, designed and built to deliver ultimate musical performance in every aspect. Nola employs several key technologies including baffle-less dipole drivers, Alnico magnets, Unison Crossover technology that optimally blends the performance of multiple speaker drivers, and many other refinements.

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