The Lampizator Horizon DAC has been released as its TOP-OF-THE-LINE and consummate DAC!

High end DAC producer Lampizator had decided that instead of making small incremental improvements of the Pacific, they decided to freeze it and instead and start a new project”.


Starting from a blank sheet we tried to reinvent everything about the DAC that we know while learning what we don’t. In 2019 we heard for the first time the prototype and frankly – we were shocked how much superior it is from what we are used to. Thanks to revolutionary chip technology, like nothing we ever saw before – it was possible to create a real monster. It took almost one year to write software that controls the DAC process, especially for DSD512. By using our custom firmware, we made a DAC that nobody else has and nobody else will. The engine code name is #19”.

“The resulting DAC is a true flagship. It has everything it can have, and we know for a fact that nobody else can use the solutions that we use. I can say with full confidence that you are getting a unique masterpiece of craftsmanship that will deliver top-of-the-game sound for many years to come. Who knows, chances are it will never be surpassed.”


The Lampizator Horizon DAC back


The Lampizator Horizon uses “the chip that probably nobody else is using in the industry”, a new tube scheme, new tube selection, tube rolling paradise setup, new chassis, new heating scheme, new volume control, and much more!


For the Horizon DAC, Lampizator has done away with knobs, ‘noisy’ LCD and OLED displays, and visible screws and bolts. There is a new USB solution, a new super clock circuit, and antivibration CNC milled support for the PCBs. There is also no silicon anywhere in the signal path past the conversion stage and the internal wiring is silver.

The Lampizator Horizon DAC full back

To summarize, the DAC turned out to be incredibly good. Hence the name THE HORIZON. “It is something we look into while on the ocean. It is where we are aiming. From the competitor’s perspective – the Horizon is where they see us. It is also something endless, undefined, and desired. That’s where we wanna be.”

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Weight: 33 kg / 70 lbs net, 50 kg / 110 lbs gross

Dimensions without tubes: 440 mm W x 500 mm D x 170 mm H

Digital inputs: 1 x USB,  1 x S/PDIF RCA, 1 x AES/EBU, 1 x TOSLINK,  2 x i2s

1 x analogue input RCA, 1 x analogue input XLR fully balanced

Output impedance: 600 Ohms per phase

Output level: 0DB full level @3V peak sinus 1 kHz m per phase, 6V p-p for balanced

Mains 110 – 220 – 230 – 240 V AC  / 60 VA

Colors: Matt Black Hole, Silver Stardust, Duracell (Black body and copper top), Mouse Pearl Gray RAL 7048

Packed in a custom handmade flight case

Tube compliment: 1 x 5U4G rectifier or equivalent, 274B, 5Y3, 5C3S, GZ34, GZ37, GZ480, 5AR4WGB

2 x 6SN7GT or adapter fitted 6N1P, ECC99, ECC40, VT99, 6F8G, ECC88, 6922, 6DJ9, E88CC, 6900, 12BH7, 5687, 6111 ~ 4 x EL34 or 6V6, 6L6, KT66, KT88, KT90, KT120, 6550, 5881 kt150  KT170

DSD: 512x,     PCM: 768k


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