Axpona 2022 Day 2 ~ Summary

AXPONA 2022 DAY 2 ~~ There is much more I will be discussing in my full-length article NEXT WEEK but here are some of the highlights of my observations on day 2 of the show so far!!

Well, I started the day going to some more of the super high-end system rooms that I missed on the first day. While all the rooms seem to have something to offer in way of audio goodness there were a few special standouts.

Gryphon had a mind blowing display of their 3 blockbuster amps including the Commander and Apex (as well the Diablo 300; currently being evaluated by the Sound Advocate ) and their exquisite CD player.

gryphon Apex
Gryphon Apex
gryphon commander at Axpona 2022 Day 2
The Commander

The Nirvana room was home to the Acora Acoustics SRC-2 speakers, being driven by the VAC preamp, amp, and phono preamp. I got to hear this system with a United Home Audio open reel tape deck that floored me. The system had an immaculate diver integration and dynamics. The soundstage and imaging were spot on or as close as could be hoped with rooms put together in a somewhat quick fashion.

Acora Acoustics

Another impressive room was the GTT Audio room which presented the YG acoustics Summit loudspeakers being driven by the Audionet Humbolt integrated amplifier, Audionet PAM G2 phono amplifier, and the Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC. This room was wonderful in its imaging and soundstage and overall presentation. The Bass was tight and detailed as was the smoothness of the midrange and treble. The Mola Mola Tambaqui is one of my favorite DACs, (and quite expensive, indeed!) thereby allowing me to see just how good this unit truly is in the flesh!

YG Summit Axpona 2022 Day 2
The YG Acoustics “SUMMIT

The Gobel acoustics room was probably my favorite of the megabuck rooms for overall soundstage, ambiance, detail, and precise, stable realistic image presentation. The Gobel Divin Marquis speakers were being driven by the most highly esteemed, CH Precision pre and power amps and a Wadax streamer DAC. This room had dynamic expression and a depth of imaging that was awesome to experience.

The Diven Marquis
The Diven “Marquee”
ch precision amps featured at Axpona 2022 Day 2
Marquis closeup

Watch for my full-length article coming up next week at THE SOUND ADVOCATE!


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