New Pro-Ject Balanced Phono Boxes and X8 Turntable

The Pro-Ject Balanced Phono Boxes and X8 Turntable were previously only available in more costly phono preamps!

The Phono Box S3B and Phono Box DS3B round out Pro-Ject’s complete line of balanced phono stages. Both offer a versatile MM/MC phono stage that features dual-mono circuitry, a fully symmetrical discrete gain stage, and balanced inputs and outputs.

These newly announced components from Pro-Ject aim to offer listeners a truly balanced experience, resulting in dynamic sound, less noise, and improved signal-to-noise ratios, says the Austrian company.

As most Pro-Ject turntables offer a completely balanced signal from the cartridge to the junction box, a truly balanced signal results in lower noise. balanced inputs allow the quietest connection between a moving coil cartridge and the phono stage. The new phono boxes uphold the reputation of high value and high-performance Pro-Ject is known for.


The new X8 Turntable is Pro-Ject’s high-end solution with major technical features adapted from the Xtension 9 and 10 models. The X8 includes a TPE damped mass loaded platter, which is precision machined and balanced out of a single piece of aluminum, partially supported by opposing neodymium magnets which decrease the load on the main bearing. 

Pro-Ject says this massive, perfectly balanced platter works in concert with the precision ceramic inverted main bearing to create a smoothly rotating base for your vinyl with perfect speed stability.

Like all Pro-Ject Audio Systems products, the new models are handcrafted in Europe and expected to be available from May, 2022.

  • Phono Box S3B: $499
  • Phono Box DS3B: $799
  • X8: $2399 without cartridge $2699 with factory installed cartridge

Sumiko and Pro-Ject USA 


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