THE First Day at Axpona 2022- UPDATE!

The First day at Axpona 2022 was overly positive. The People were very friendly and their spokesmen and women, of course, were intensely knowledgeable. As such, my commencing and initial impressions and the overall vibe was great.! The representatives from each company were very friendly and positive, with some beautiful demonstrations.

Somewhat surprisingly, there was a really good showing on the 1st day which I was not sure how it would turn out considering what is happening in the world right now. The highlights of the first day are below.

The Pass Labs Room was excellent. The equipment being used is some of Nelson’s best. Here is his equipment list below. The system was super Coherent and just had a great sound!!! There were many ways more expensive systems there but this setup was very special.

Pass Labs and Refined Audio

My visit to The Klipsch Room was a good quite good as well. They showed their newest flagship the Jubilee. Until you see these in person you don’t realize how large of a speaker they are. The sound coming out of these was most likely as close to a real rock concert event that you can attain from a home system.

Klipch Jubilee
Klipsch Jubilee

Although image depth was not their strong suit in this room, otherwise, they convinced me I was at a Tool concert when they played tracks from Tool’s 2006 album 10,000 days. They were running Rotel’s flagship Michi preamp and power amps on this system as they did an impressive job powering these speakers that must ideally be bi-amped. 

First Day at Axpona 2022 Gary Dews
Gary Dews (Border Patrol)

And so far, one of my favorite rooms was the Border Patrol Volti Audio room. (The Sound Advocate will be reviewing their latest DAC in a few weeks!) Gary Dews of Border Patrol was exhibiting Volti Audio, showing off their newest Razz speaker with a smaller footprint than their other speakers. This system had what I call a very honest portrayal of what real instruments sounded like. The soundstage and imaging were great knowing that these rooms were put together very quickly for the show and not much room treatment.

Border Patrol electronics
Volti Audio Razz
Volti Audio “Razz”

Getting ready to head over for day 2 and will be reporting more impressions and pictures to follow.

Doug Moore


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6 thoughts on “THE First Day at Axpona 2022- UPDATE!”

    • dougmoore9215

      12:20 PM (2 hours ago)

      to me

      I saw a few new brands like Malbork audio which is a family brand whose designer is a 19-year-old kid(pretty cool). But mostly it was existing brands bringing out new products. I will be making a full article on Axpona so stay tuned!!!

      • Great! Thank you. Were you able to check out Mon Acoustic? As I am Korean, I was curious as I thought there are no more Korean brand in speaker manufacturer exist. My friend who are in Korea told me they sound pretty good. The ones at the show was tuned for US market. Let me know if you had the chance. I would like to know of your opinion to see if it is worth demoing the unit.

    • Douglas Moore replies:
      Thank you, it’s an eye and ear opening experience to say the least! I seen products that were affordable to just a DAC costing $143,000! Some great rooms. Stay tuned for a longer article coming soon!

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