Focal Naim America Announces “Mixed on Focal” Playlist #3

May 5, 2022 — Today, Focal Naim America, announces “Mixed on Focal” which is the third playlist for Mixed on Focal” a new program to highlight the true sound of music as the artist, mix engineer, producer, and record label meant the songs to be heard.

All three “Mixed on Focal” playlists are available today for Qobuz, Tidal, Apple Music, and Amazon Music HD with new playlists to be released periodically. Support for Spotify HIFI is planned when it is released. Songs and albums, all mixed on Focal speakers are featured on the high-resolution audio playlists and are available to Focal HI-FI and Pro Audio dealers, as well as the Press Corps and current and prospective customers. Whether it be in a HI-FI or Pro Audio dealer demonstration, or their home or recording studio using Focal speakers, the music will perfectly translate as the songs are all mixed on Focal.

Mix engineers featured on the third “Mixed on Focal” playlist include Jimmy Bralower (Focal Twin6 Be), Mixed by Humanz: Bobby Campbell & Gerry “The Gov” Brown (Focal Shape 40/Trio6 Be); Mike Pepe (Focal Trio6), Luca Pretolesi (Focal Trio11 Be), Michael Ramos (Focal Shape Twin); Eric Stenman (Focal Trio6 Be), Rob Tavaglione (Focal Trio11 Be), Ryan West (Solo6); and Will Yip (Focal Trio6 Be).

A selection of recording artists they mixed in Playlist #3 includes John Legend, Logic, Diplo, AWOLNATION, The Tiarras, Ryan Shaw, Gregor Barnett, Movements, David Solomon, Grace McKegan, Kito & BROODS, Miguel, Aluna, Durante, Polina, Roman Candles, Selin, Sundressed, Sydney Sprague, Gaidaa, and Yung YuNo, with more artists, albums, and songs to be announced and available on “Mixed on Focal” streaming playlists in the future.

“Mixed on Focal playlists are collections of songs that engineers mixed on their Focal Professional monitors, this creates a perfect way to show off the incredible sound of Focal speakers,” said Romain Vet, VP of Marketing & Communications, Focal Naim America. “Listeners dream about hearing the best representation of music, just as it was recorded and mixed, how it sounded in the studio for the artist, producer, and record label. Now we offer them a way to hear the music by listening on Focal speakers with ‘Mixed on Focal’ high-resolution streaming playlists.”

“Mixed on Focal” High-Resolution Audio Playlist #3:


• Apple Music:

• Qobuz:

• Amazon Music HD:

Find out more about the “Mixed on Focal” engineers and get all the HD Audio playlists:


In 2020 Focal started a project called “The Artists Experience”.

  • It consisted of asking the sound engineers working with Focal professional products to describe their experience in using our studio monitors and headphones.
  • This project has been so successful we decided to create a website and a brochure showing, per product category, all the artists’ commentaries.
  • Today, Focal Naim America is pleased to announce the second step of our project: “Mixed On Focal #3”. This is the perfect link between the Pro World and the Home World, both listening to music on Focal Speakers which were also mixed on our professional products.
  • Showing off songs mixed on Focal Professional Series monitors, each playlist features engineers and the specific monitor they mixed the song on, along with a link to the song playable on high-resolution streaming services such as TIDAL, Qobuz, Apple Music, and Amazon Music HD.
  • This playlist is a good asset to demonstrate Focal products, technologies, and expertise.

Wendy Knowles ~~ Head of PR, Focal Naim America


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