The dCS Vivaldi One APEX is Announced at $95,000!

The dCS Vivaldi One APEX marks the company’s 35th anniversary with only 50 units released for the lucky few who can afford one.

dCS marked its 30th birthday in 2017 with the Vivaldi One digital music player distilling four components into one case. For its 35th anniversary, it has announced another version of its special music player – the Vivaldi One APEX.

Undoubtedly, the APEX is a DAC, Upsampler, CD/SACD Transport and Master Clock all coddled up with the British brand’s all-new Ring DAC Apex technology announced earlier in the year. The Vivaldi One APEX combines all the benefits of the original Vivaldi One with the new, enhanced Ring DAC APEX  hardware used to upgrade the Vivaldi DAC, Rossini DAC, and Rossini Player.

Add to this the fact that dCS says the Vivaldi One APEX is limited, not only by its price tag but by the fact that only 50 units of the player (instead of the 250 of the predecessor) will be available to buy (in a choice of anodized silver or black), and orders can be placed now, with the first ten units due to ship on June 1st, with the remaining units shipping in late July.

Its aerospace-grade aluminum chassis is incorporated with an array of digital inputs, with the player also offers DXD oversampling with optional DSD/64 or DSD/128 upsampling plus — a range of DSP and DSD filters for you to evaluate.

The dCS Vivaldi One APEX is making its debut at High End Munich 2022, but if you want to ensure you’re on the list for one of these $95,000 players, best not to wait to long…..!



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