NEW BBC LS5/5f Floorstanding Loudspeaker at T.H.E. SHOW

The BBC LS5/5f Floorstanding Loudspeaker Debut will be this Weekend at T.H.E. Show at The Board Room of Hilton, Long Beach, CA.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: JUNE 9, 2022, SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO. Floorstanding model of BBC’s finest LS5/5, the LS5/5f by Graham Audio, to debut in North America this weekend (June 10 – 12) at T.H.E. Show at The Board Room of Hilton, Long Beach (701 W Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90831), promised to deliver Midrange Magic for attendees as On A Higher Note and British Audio Guys spin analog tunes. 

English loudspeaker company, Graham Audio, continues its homage to the finest BBC designs by updating the stand mount monitor, LS5/5 in 2019, considered the finest monitor ever designed by the BBC. In 2022 a floor-standing version, the LS5/5f was recently introduced at the High-End Munich Show in a passive display with the first worldwide active demonstration in North America at our Midrange Magic+ Roadshow this weekend.

The LS5/5f has the same driver complement & cabinet as the LS5/5 but has a modified (in the bass region) crossover and an additional 16” enclosure underneath. The second cabinet underneath the drivers & crossover cabinet, is an acoustic chamber that allows the 12″ bass driver to breathe.  This ported enclosure provides increased bass extension and dynamic capability. Though the floor standing version has a similar sealed midrange enclosure to its stand-mount sibling, it enjoys 7dB more bass, as measured at 20Hz.

In 1967 the BBC introduced the LS5/5, a loudspeaker system suitable for use in studios and outside broadcasts. In the course of its design, the questions of bass pre-emphasis and directivity were examined in some detail.  A wide off-axis listening ability was considered essential for the engineer behind the sizable mixing console for checking the vocal balance against music.

“This is a very significant year for Graham Audio.  As we approach our Tenth Anniversary, we felt the time was right to offer a floor-standing alternative to our finest stand-mount model. We are passionate about designing products that ensure the finest musical enjoyment of its midrange magic to the full extent in modern homes with diverse tastes.  The LS5/5f can be fully customized with a choice of black or off-white grills, not to mention a choice of real wood veneers.”
– Paul Graham, Graham Audio.

“When we first received the Graham LS5/5 in 2019, we were ecstatic by its sonic performance and are now thrilled by the LS5/5f’s beautifully clean, mid-century modern aesthetics as Graham delivers state-of-the-art, sonic performance.  There are many resolute loudspeakers in today’s market but few equal Derek Hughes’ redesigned LS5/5 for its ability to deliver the emotion & passion in the music. It’s a conduit for midrange magic, capable of uplifting the listener with joy or dropping him to his knees with tears of sadness. Such is the power of music … the sound of God whispering in your ear.” – Philip O’Hanlon, On A Higher Note

On A Higher Note will demonstrate the Graham Audio LS5/5f in our Midrange Magic+ Roadshow stop at The Boardroom, on the third floor of the Hilton, Long Beach at The Entertainment Show from 10 -12 June 2022


–  Information regarding the slots in front of the speakers –
–  BBC White Paper: “The Design of Studio Monitoring Loudspeakers Types LS5/5 and LS5/6.” Written by Dudley Harwood (Harbeth) and Spencer Hughes (Spendor).


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