Flagship PerfectWave BHK 600 Mono Power Amplifier introduced by PS Audio

The PerfectWave BHK 600 Mono Power Amplifier offers a 600-watt ultimate-performance hybrid tube/solid-state power amplifier that is the last to be designed in partnership with legendary audio engineer Bascom H. King

Boulder, Colorado, September 1, 2022 PS Audio today announced the introduction of its new top-of-the-line PerfectWave BHK 600 Mono Power Amplifier the finest amplifier ever created by the company. The BHK 600 is the last audio component to be created with the collaboration of legendary engineer Bascom H. King and is PS Audio’s new flagship amplifier.
Paul McGowan, PS Audio CEO noted: “We are honored to present the BHK 600 as a fitting tribute to the talents of Bascom H. King and his remarkable career. The BHK 600 is a statement product that conveys music with extraordinary clarity, resolution, and musical accuracy. But mostly, authority. In my nearly fifty years of high-end audio, I’ve never heard any amplifier take command as does the mighty BHK 600.”
The PerfectWave BHK 600 delivers 600 watts of power into 8 ohms (1,500 watts into 4 ohms). It is fully balanced in operation from input to output, and can also be used in single-ended mode, offering a choice of balanced XLR or single-ended RCA inputs. It features an input stage with two hand-selected vacuum tubes, operating in conjunction with a rectifier tube and an exclusive N-channel MOSFET output stage. The tube rectifier was chosen rather than a solid-state device because of its improved sonic characteristics that result from the reduction of switch-mode noise common to solid-state rectifiers.

The BHK 600 features a separate output-stage power transformer with a massive 1.6kVA capability – more than twice that of the PS Audio M300 mono amplifier – enabling the BHK 600 to drive even the most inefficient loudspeakers and difficult loads with ease. The power supply has more than 300,000µf capacitance and multiple N-channel MOSFET output devices for a high damping factor of greater than 100. The BHK 600 has two pairs of heavy-duty gold-plated copper binding posts, to facilitate speaker bi-wiring.
The amplifier is engineered for safe, reliable operation, with continuous microprocessor monitoring of power supply performance, bias levels, and other parameters, and it features extensive protection circuitry. The BHK 600 can be left in Idle mode if desired, to assure optimum sonic performance at all times.

Like every PS Audio product, thorough attention has been paid to parts quality and construction. Though substantial in size and weight, the BHK 600 has a refined, understated appearance with angled and curved design elements that create a contemporary, yet classic look. The BHK 600 is available in silver or black.
The PS Audio PerfectWave BHK 600 Mono Power Amplifier will be available in September 2022 at a US manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $32,498 per pair.

BHK 600 Features at a Glance:

  • Vacuum tube input stage with vacuum tube rectifier
  • Fully balanced circuitry
  • RCA single-ended and XLR balanced inputs
  • 600 watts RMS into 8 ohms, 1,500 watts into 4 ohms, stable to 2 ohms for musical transients
  • >100 damping factor for exceptional loudspeaker control
  • Dual, solid copper-plated output binding posts facilitate bi-wiring
  • 1.6kVA output stage power transformer
  • Power supply with more than 300,000 µf capacitance
  • 12-volt input trigger for automated operation

108 lb. (49 kg) each; 17.1″ wide by 11.2″ high by 14″ deep



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