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September 2022-  Focal Utopia Hi-Fi Headphones New Edition is an evolution both in terms of acoustics and in design and aesthetics

The official name is simply Focal Utopia – just as other luxury products keep their core name through iterations. Think Rolex Daytona or Porsche 911.

  • This can be clarified with the date the easiest marker, eg Focal Utopia (2022), or Focal Utopia (2022 Edition).

The 2022 Focal Utopia headphones look different, sound better, and feature both sonic and material innovations.

  • A new voice coil was developed for the new Utopia. Former-less Aluminum (material of previous Utopia voice coil) and copper to improve the reliability – approx. 30% of copper and 70% of aluminum (because aluminum is a lighter material).
  • Sonic upgrade: Focal changed the driver grill, with the ‘M’ shape grill (Pure Beryllium) that they developed with Clear Mg. The new grill perfectly follows the shape of the dome and driver inside, so it reduces the gap between the driver and the grill. Reducing the gap helps in the linearity of the frequency response, mostly for trebles. The M-shaped drivers and M-shaped grills enable even clearer and more accurate musical reproduction.
  • Design overhaul, so this more clearly looks like the flagship model of Focal’s headphone family, with its distinctive honeycomb styling. This is NOT just about looking good: the honeycomb design enables a more open sound, with greater driver movement.
  • Lighter design for greater listening comfort – by using yokes forged from recycled carbon fiber.
  • Handcrafted in France in Focal’s specialist headphone atelier, which has received significant investment since Focal launched the original Utopia.

September 16, 2022 – First launched in 2016, Focal’s Utopia headphones rank amongst the best headphones in the world. Under constant renewal, the French brand with a unique savoir-faire in acoustics has given its iconic product a new design while adding acoustic enhancements (new voice coil, ‘M’-shaped grilles inside the earcups…). All the exclusive, high-end technologies that make the Utopia headphones so successful are still to be found in this new edition, continuing to bring sensational listening experiences to your home with even more sophistication and elegance.


The design of the new Utopia is a combination of moderation and distinction. Taking the aesthetics of Focal’s latest hi-fi open-back (Clear Mg) and closed-back (Stellia and Celestee) headphones, the honeycomb grille on both the outside and inside of the earcups gives a unique and remarkable look. In addition to its Black Chrome rings – now attached from the inside for a cleaner appearance – these headphones introduce new design codes, which will also be used on Focal’s future Utopia products. Among them, the “Yin & Yang” featured on the outer case symbolizes the perfect balance between design and technology, embodied by these high-end, French headphones, as well as the black and red double grille on the speaker drivers’ motor unit.

Focal’s New Edition Hi-Fi Headphones Utopia


  • Continuing to strive for excellence in their creations and beginning a new chapter in the history of these iconic headphones, Focal’s engineers opted for a new voice coil made up of copper – to improve reliability – and aluminum – to make it more lightweight. This alloy provides a rejuvenated sound signature, that lends even greater neutrality, with powerful bass and more mellow treble. What’s more, the grilles inside the earcups are now M-shaped, following the curves of the speaker drivers, to give improved linearity and even more precision.
  • In addition to these innovations, the new Utopia headphones still include everything that made the first editions such a success, such as full-range speaker drivers with pure Beryllium, ‘M’-shaped dome, and being fully open-backed for strikingly real listening full of neutrality, dynamics, and transparency. Exclusive to Focal, the patented speaker drivers run with zero active or passive correction, from 5Hz to over 50 kHz. The headphones seem to disappear, leaving audio signal reproduction that is unrivaled in its purity.


  • Utopia is made from premium, sophisticated materials. The new yoke, made from forged, recycled carbon, is an elegant touch, whilst making the headphones more lightweight and distributing their weight more evenly. The genuine leather headband and perforated memory foam earcups— also leather-bound — provide unparalleled comfort and softness.
  • And finally, exceptional headphones merit top-of-the-range accessories: Utopia comes in faux-leather packaging with a black fabric thermoformed carrying case and two high-fidelity cables (10ft and 5ft / 3m and 1.5m) for using the headphones at home with an amplifier or on the go with Lemo® connectors and a Jack adapter.

Utopia will be available September 16, 2022 for $4999.

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