Audience Studio Two USB Cable Introduced!

The Audience Studio Two USB Cable is here for improved Digital Sound and Higher Value….

San Marcos, CA, November 29, 2022 — Audience today announced the introduction of its Studio Two USB cable, a high-performance USB interconnect that is ideal for use with digital audio components including laptops, D/A converters, music servers, streamers, and other components with USB connectivity. The Audience Studio 2 incorporates design elements from Audience’s top-of-the-line models and offers outstanding value in a true high-performance USB interconnect.

“As digital playback components and computer hardware become ever more advanced, the quality of the USB and other cable connections should not be ignored,” noted John McDonald, president of Audience. “Our new Studio Two USB cable can play a vital role in getting more musical enjoyment out of high-resolution audio, DSD, and other digital formats, and achieve a higher level of system performance.”

The Audience Studio Two USB cable utilizes a blend of silver and copper conductors, with exclusive cryogenic and EHVP (extreme high-voltage process) treatments used to optimize the metallurgical structure of the materials. Audience’s EHVP applies high voltages in specific combinations to align the crystalline structure of the various metals used in the cables and facilitate more efficient signal transfer and purer sound quality.

In addition, the Studio Two USB employs a unique noise reduction circuit. The cable is shielded to block EMI and RFI and maintains sonic purity, and features high-quality gold-plated connectors. Like all Audience designs, the Studio Two USB is a lightweight, flexible design, easy to install on any system. As McDonald pointed out, “we feel that heavy jacketing materials and connectors absorb energy and negatively impact the liveliness of the sonic presentation.” The sonic result can be heard as a more realistic musical reproduction of vocals and instruments, with better presence, greater dynamics, and a smooth tonal balance. The use of both silver and copper conductors provides solid, articulate bass, along with a lucid midrange, and clear, detailed high frequencies.

The Audience Studio Two USB cable is currently available at a suggested retail price of $499 for a one-meter cable. Please consult with Audience or an authorized dealer for pricing for other lengths.

Frank Doris

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