Octave Records Shelter by Megan Burtt Released!

Octave Records Shelter by Megan Burtt encapsulates introspective songs in intimate arrangements that are beautifully captured in high-resolution DSD and SACD sound –

Boulder, Colorado, November 3, 2022 Octave Records’ newest release, Shelter by singer/songwriter Megan Burtt, is a warm, intimate album of songs that have an organic, natural flow. The music is centered around Burtt’s inviting voice, piano and guitar, recorded in stunning up-close-and-personal clarity using Octave Records’ Pure DSD high-resolution recording process.
Megan Burtt is backed by a cast of superb musicians on acoustic and electric guitars, drums, electric and upright bass, keyboards, strings, woodwinds, and background vocals. Megan noted, “this record was written during COVID and a trying time in my life, so a lot of the songs speak to surrender and redemption and ultimately, hope.”
The album title, Shelter, comes from a lyric in the song “Hollow Bone,” about being a refuge for another person, “a shelter and a welcome home.” The opening song, “Avalanche,” speaks of the ability to survive and thrive even if the world is crumbling around you. “Revolutionary” features a string section and harmony vocals contrasted by syncopated drumbeats, a combination that adds musical tension that somehow works perfectly. “What Love is For” offers a rich instrumental bed of keyboards and acoustic and electric guitar, am expansive soundscape to complement Burtt’s emotive singing: “we all need an open door/I guess that that’s what love is for.” “State of Mind,” a sparse 3/4-time ballad about searching for direction in life, and love, is the perfect way to close out the album.

Shelter was engineered and mixed by John McVey using Octave Records’ Pure DSD process and the Sonoma multi-track DSD recording system, and mastered by Gus Skinas. It features Octave’s premium gold disc formulation, and the disc is playable on any SACD, CD, DVD, or Blu-ray player. Shelter also has a high-resolution DSD layer that is accessible by using any SACD player, or a PS Audio SACD transport.

In addition to this, the master DSD and PCM files are available for purchase and download (including DSD256 and DSD128, DSDDirect Mastered 192kHz/24-bit, 96kHz/24-bit, 44.1 kHz/24-bit and 44.1kHz/16-bit PCM), along with 24-karat gold CDs at standard resolution. (SRP: $19 – $39, depending on format.) These CDs have been cut directly off the DSD master using BitPerfect’s state-of-the-art Zephiir filter.
As Megan pointed out, “when recording on DSD, it’s a very specific style, because we don’t have unlimited tracks or the ability to edit or fix things later. So, you have to be focused on the performance.” She said, “I think if there’s heart in it, people hear that feeling. I think that feeling really comes across in this recording.”

If you would be interested in a copy of “Shelter” please contact Frank Doris at frank@psaudio.com or 631-645-5668.



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