Announcing the McIntosh MC451 Dual Mono Amplifier

The McIntosh MC451 Dual Mono Amplifier is a Stunning Sound Experience!


  • Includes our Hybrid Drive technology that uses the best of vacuum tubes and solid state to produce the best sound performance
  • Designed with bi-amping loudspeakers in mind
  • 150 Watt vacuum tube section powers the mids and tweeters
  • 300 Watt solid state section drives power-hungry woofers
  • Conventional McIntosh form factor and size
  • DualView Power Output Meter

The MC451 Dual Mono Amplifier joins the MC901 in offering the ultimate solution to bi-amping a loudspeaker. Like the MC901, the MC451 uses our Hybrid Drive technology that combines a separate vacuum tube and solid-state amplifier onto one single chassis to produce the best possible sound performance from a bi-ampable speaker.

Unlike the larger MC901, the MC451 has a more conventional McIntosh form factor and size, allowing it to fit into home audio systems, racks, and furniture more easily. Adding a pair of MC451s to your stereo system will allow your prized speakers to perform like never before.

The MC451 is comprised of a 150 Watt vacuum tube amplifier and a 300 Watt solid state amplifier, which is more than enough power to drive virtually all speakers. The vacuum tube section drives the speaker’s midranges and tweeters, while the solid state section drives the woofers.

Bi-amping your speakers with the MC451 is easy. No longer do you need to fiddle with two separate amplifiers, an external crossover, and a lot of trial and error to properly configure the two separate amplifiers with often only so-so results. The MC451 solves these hassles thanks to its internal, adjustable crossover. The MC451’s crossover tailors the output frequency range of each amplifier section to the attached loudspeaker. Simply set the CROSSOVER POINT knob on the back of the MC451 to the loudspeaker’s crossover point, then frequencies below the crossover point will be sent to the solid state amplifier and frequencies above it will be sent to the vacuum tube amplifier.

This adjustable crossover allows you to optimize the performance of both amplifier sections to your speaker’s specifications and to your listening preferences. Gain levels for the vacuum tube amplifier can be adjusted from -6dB to +3dB. A direct feed can also be connected to each amplifier section, thus bypassing the internal crossover.

The MC451 features our DualView Power Output Meter. The DualView meter features two of our traditional, fast responding mechanical meters stacked above and below each other in a single meter window; one meter is dedicated to the 150 Watt vacuum tube amp and the other to the 300 Watt solid state amp. Each meter operates independently of the other and displays the real time power reading of each amplifier section.

McIntosh MC451 Dual Mono Amplifier

The MC451 amplifier can be combined with a variety of preamplifiersturntablesCD playersmedia streamersspeakers, and other specialty products to form a complete home audio system designed for bi-amping loudspeakers. Contact your local dealer to learn more.


The MC451 has an MSRP of $14,000 USD. It can now be ordered at your local authorized dealer. Shipping to McIntosh dealers is expected to begin in December 2022. Contact your dealer to learn more about the MC451.

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