VANA introduces WANDLA ADVANCED DAC and affordable!

Vana introduces Wandla Advanced DAC at next weeks Axpona 2023!

Schaumberg, IL, 14 April 2023: VANA LTD, Importer and Distributor of Luxury Audio Products, will introduce WANDLA: the first “stand-alone” DAC from Ferrum.  Ferrum’s complete range of award-winning products will be on display in Ear Gear booth # 1205 and room #8208 of the Renaissance Schaumberg Convention Center, Friday through Sunday,14-16 April.

During its short history, the Ferrum brand has developed a strong following. Our first two products, HYPSOS and OOR, were honored with coveted EISA awards, which has created very high expectations for our latest statement product.

WANDLA —derived from the German word Wandler, for converter—was, from its inception, designed to set a new standard among D-to-A Converters, regardless of price. WANDLA has at its heart our proprietary ARM-based platform, SERCE. Utilizing Ferrum’s software, SERCE processes all incoming digital data streams. The ARM processor performs the work of five chips and creates the shortest possible signal path for the audio-optimized USB, HDMI, I2S, coaxial, and optical S/PDIF ports.

Behind the conversion stage, Ferrum’s engineering team implemented an advanced new current-to-voltage converter and an output stage that benefited from its experience in developing the acclaimed OOR and ERCO. Based on our HYPSOS’ (Linear Power Supply) revolutionary hybrid design, multiple internal supplies power both analog and digital sections to minimize interference and noise while maximizing channel separation.

Ferrum’s powerful dual-core ARM chip does much more than manage WANDLA’s functions. To give consumers meaningful choices, all seven digital filters in the DAC are user-accessible. The SERCE platform also enabled us to create Dynamic Digital Filtering (DFF) to bypass the filters of the ESS DAC; additionally, Ferrum has included its customers in the process of evolving WANDLA.

Initial units will include three unique filter options and we will challenge our user community to vote for their favorites. Subsequent firmware updates will replace the least favorite filter options with new alternatives. After five rounds, Ferrum will proclaim a winning digital filter and create a new community of digital filter specialists: people interacting with them and their WANDLAs in search of the best possible, custom-tailored sound.

This “crowd-sourcing” collaboration between the manufacturer and its users is unique to Ferrum, the DA converter category, and the audiophile community. Ferrum will release an auto-updater application for Mac and PC to facilitate firmware updates.

In addition to being a top-notch DA converter, WANDLA doubles as a premium preamplifier including a full-function IR remote handset. We’ve implemented two new digitally controlled attenuators for volume control, with user-selectable analog or digital.

WANDLA has a truly balanced topology that builds upon our modified IC amplifier and power section designs. In addition to the six digital (USB-C, coax, optical, AES, HDMI, and I2S) inputs, they’ve included a “Direct Path” RCA analog input that bypasses all digital processing to remain faithful to the highest-fidelity analog sources. Both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) outputs and a configurable trigger are provided.

Ferrum’s engineering artistry is complemented by an aesthetically stunning chassis. Distinguished by a hi-res touchscreen with an intuitive user interface (UI), WANDLA features a “Distance Mode” which, when operated via remote, adapts its display for superior legibility regardless of user location.

Impressive as its performance credentials are, perhaps this DAC’s most remarkable feature is its price. Ferrum and VANA are confident that no other DAC available for under $3,000 MSRP can match WANDLA’s sound quality or features set. Visit them at AXPONA Ear Gear booth # 1205 and room #8208 to learn more.

WANDLA is currently available at an MSRP of USD 2,795. Please contact


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