Guitarist Emmanuel Alexander’s Off the Cuff – Live

Guitarist Emmanuel Alexander’s Off The Cuff “Live” is the latest release from Octave Records which showcases the improvisational musical flights of Alexander and his quartet in a stunning Pure DSD 256 live recording —

Boulder, Colorado, August 21, 2023Octave Records is proud to present a brilliant new artist for the label: jazz/funk/post-fusion guitarist Emmanuel Alexander, who is showcased with his quartet on Octave’s latest release, Off the Cuff – Live at Meadowlark. The album features the band blazing through a selection of standards and originals, recorded live-as-it-happened in stunning audiophile-quality Pure DSD sound.
Emmanuel Alexander brings a fresh and inventive electric guitar sound to listeners, combining the influence of past jazz and fusion masters with his open, expansive playing and use of the chorus, delay, echo, and overdrive to create an expressive new approach. Alexander is accompanied on Off the Cuff – Live at Meadowlark by Parris Fleming on trumpet, Solomon Chapman on piano and synthesizers, Will Gains on electric bass, and drummer Khalil Brown.

Recorded live at the Meadowlark Bar in Denver, Colorado, Emmanuel Alexander, and the band live up to the album’s title with flights of spontaneous musical explorations. As Alexander noted, “We all know the head (melody) of the tune. After that, we’ll take it and maybe decide to play it completely differently. I trust the band to make good musical decisions as to where the music should go.”

Off the Cuff – Live at Meadowlark was recorded and mixed using the Pyramix DSD 256 system. The presence and realism of the recording are truly outstanding. The guitar and keyboards are richly textured, the drums have a you-are-there presence (the “jump factor” of the snare drum alone is captured with startling clarity), the bass is articulate and deep, and the trumpet has a lively and tangible quality. The mix captures every nuance of the performers, and when they get cooking, look out!
The album was recorded and mixed by Paul McGowan, and mastered by Gus Skinas. Off the Cuff – Live at Meadowlark features Octave’s premium gold disc formulation, and the disc is playable on any SACD, CD, DVD, or Blu-ray player. It also has a high-resolution DSD layer that is accessible by using any SACD player or a PS Audio SACD transport. In addition, the master DSD and PCM files are available for purchase and download, including DSD 256, DSD 128, DSD 64, and DSDDirect Mastered 352.8 kHz/24-bit, 176.2 kHz/24-bit, 88.2 kHz/24-bit, and 44.1 kHz/24-bit PCM. (SRP: $19 – $39, depending on the format.)

The opening suite, “In a Silent Way/It’s About Time” takes listeners on a deep journey through the Miles Davis tunes, allowing the players to stretch out with their creative virtuosity. The band puts their twist on another Miles classic, “Nardis,” as well as songs by Ronnie Foster (“Mystic Brew,”) Herbie Hancock (“Butterfly,”) and two Emmett Alexander originals, “Eleven” and the elegant, meditative album closer, “Venice.”

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