Audio Physic Loudspeakers now imported by Monarch Systems LTD

Audio Physic Loudspeakers are now being imported by Monarch Systems LTD starting in September!

5 September 2023: Englewood, Colorado Monarch Systems Ltd. is delighted to announce that effective on 18 September 2023, we will be appointed the official USA distribution partner of Audio Physic, a German manufacturer of high-performance speakers, subwoofers, custom installation solutions, and audio accessories. 

Audio Physic was founded in 1986 by a team of engineers led by Joachim Gerhard and Willi Hegener. Their primary idea was to create loudspeakers that disappear completely and envelop the listener, allowing even the smallest details to be presented as the music was intended.

This team began researching different methods to achieve their goals, such as low-mass cabinet designs and pioneering the use of new materials not yet used in dynamic loudspeakers.

Thirty years later Audio Physic continues this pursuit and is currently led by chief developer Manfred Diestertich, an engineer with nearly 25 years of experience creating several world-famous Audio Physic speakers under his belt. The company still has the same ambitions: to craft highly engineered and innovative acoustic solutions for music enthusiasts with discerning tastes and demands.  

“Audio Physic has a long history of developing audio solutions that are innovative and fit perfectly within one’s home or office. Audio Physic isn’t a brand that tries to be the biggest and dominate the system or audio room, but rather the product that disappears,” said Jon Baker of Monarch Systems Ltd. Rich Maez added, “Audio Physic is a brand uniquely positioned in the high-performance audio world. In addition to highly advanced or groundbreaking technologies, they offer products with ultra-modern aesthetics for two-channel, home cinema, and custom  installation users.” 

In the next two weeks, Monarch Systems Ltd. will assume the importation of Audio Physic, the creation of retail sales networks (distribution) in the United States, the establishment of marketing channels, and the development of proper media and review relations.

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