Straight Wire Premieres New Speaker Cables at CAF! The Expresivo 3 and Octave 4 Make Their Show Debut at Capital Audiofest–

Rockford, MD—November 10, 2023: Straight Wire introduces CAF Expressivo 3 and Octave 4 in the Falcon Acoustics Room # 840, driving Falcon’s brilliant reproduction of the acclaimed BBC LS3/5a. Both cables embody Straight Wire’s “High Performance, High Value” product philosophy.

EXPRESSIVO 3 is an ultra-premium, low-resistance speaker cable that incorporates Compressed Conductor Technology (CCT) with 4 positive “air-suspended” conductors of OFHC (Oxygen Free, High Purity) Copper. CCT designs combine the best attributes of solid-core and stranded conductor technology.

Utilizing 14awg conductor groups vs 15awg in prior models delivers 8-gauge per polarity in standard termination and 11-gauge in bi-wire configuration. Multiple low-dielectric insulations are employed to optimize mechanical and electrical performance.

This highly versatile speaker cable utilizes two opposing spiral shields for the negative conductor path(s) and an anti-static micro-fiber braid. Bi-wire, Biamp, and “Shotgun” configurations. Expressivo 3 SC is custom-jacketed with a durable black mesh (color options available at no up-charge) rather than Straight Wire’s traditional clear jacket.

OCTAVE 4 is the latest generation of Straight Wire’s legendary mid-priced speaker cable that combines Compressed Conductor Technology (CCT) with best-in-class performance. Composed of 8 highly compressed OFC copper conductor groups–each 14 AWG–covered in low dielectric foam Polypropylene (PP) insulation to preserve detail and full frequency response.

Octave 4 is helically twisted to minimize electromagnetic distortions and covered in a durable matte jacket that minimizes mechanical noise and vibration. OCTAVE 4 can be configured for standard (8 AWG per polarity) or internal bi-wire (11 AWG per leg) configuration to meet the requirements of premium AV systems. This cable works well in long runs (50 feet/15 meters) without significant reactance distortions of the audio signal. OCTAVE 4 SPEAKER CABLE is available in bulk spools over 200 ft as well as in standard pre-terminated lengths with a choice of spade, pin, or banana.

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