The Sound Advocate Product of the Year for 2023 has once again arrived at our doorsteps. We are ready to award our “best products” designations for equipment reviewed this year in The Sound Advocate.

In this Calander year, we have been proud to have reviewed and evaluated some outrageously generous and interesting audiophile products with a host of sincere and overtly musical qualities along with the input of the expert designers to have graced the staff’s listening rooms.

Unlike last year, this year’s award goes to ONE product that seemed to have stood out hands over heels in overall technical astuteness, stimulating and all-encompassing build criteria and of course, an intimate and lavishly precise display of audiophile musicality that has earned it our award for BEST PRODUCT OF THE YEAR! As is customary you may retrieve past winners and the years’ reviews through our full archives.

Without further ado, lets get delve into this years winner~!


To say that the Concept 500 delivers an incredibly realistic sound experience after subsequent auditioning would be to underestimate this loudspeaker’s amazing potential as a floorstander at its suggested retail price!

To quote the review specifically: “Immediately, one becomes aware of its huge soundstage and how it almost disappears from its solidly built enclosures. There can be little doubt that the cabinet design and bracing have much to do with this. As you look towards the speakers and the music emanates to the listening seat, the stereophonic images are promptly placed in the exact formation of a full orchestra playing before you.

Turn the lights down low and this stereo illusion becomes, even more, three-dimensional. Stringed instruments particularly massed strings are sumptuous, resonant, and exceedingly ambient within a live recording concert stage. The harmonic structure of other orchestral instruments is lavishly and accurately formed in the midrange tonality.”

And to conclude the review: “Even if the cost were far higher, this speaker’s depth of expertise across the board would still be astounding. Q Acoustics can be proud of its ability to maintain transparency, detail, and auditory definition while essentially redefining expectations for the price, allowing you to focus just on enjoying all the music.

With the Concept 500, Q Acoustics has proven that a detailed understanding of the principles of acoustical design and their skilled implementation in real-world situations can lead to exceptional outcomes without utilizing exorbitantly expensive resources.

If you’re looking to invest approximately $6500 on a floor stander, it ought to rank at the top of any shortlist of loudspeakers that you may currently be investigating. Be aware that for the most discerning listeners, careful placement and associated equipment is mandatory to squeeze out every last drop of goodness from the speaker. In that sense, music and audio enthusiasts who desire accurate yet passionate reproduction of recordings from a wide range of genres will be captivated by the Concept 500. It is a superlative product!”

Congratulations to the whole team at Q Acoustics and Fidelity Imports USA and Armour Home Audio.

PRICE ~ Q Acoustics Concept 500

Gloss Black/Rosewood or Gloss White/Light Oak or Gloss Silver/Ebony finishes

£4,599 / $6,999 (UK) (US) US distributor: Fidelity Imports


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