Ricable Invictus Signal and XLR Cables updated to the Reference version

The Ricable Invictus Signal and XLR Cables have been revised to a Reference version and are now available!

January 10th 2024: Ricable, manufacturer of high-fidelity cables of Italian craftsmanship excellence, unveils the first, big news of the year that has just begun: 2024. Invictus Signal Reference and Invictus XLR Reference replace Invictus Signal and Invictus XLR in the catalog.

Invictus Signal Reference and Invictus XLR Reference were the most difficult to improve, as they were the first to be designed in the new design course starting in 2018. As was the case for the other Ricable cable  that have seen an update stamped “Reference”, even in these two cases we are not talking about an upheaval, but rather an improvement. On the other hand, modifying such popular products too invasively would not have been reasonable.

There are three main improvements. Firstly, the conductor has been increased for better acoustic signal transport (+13%). We have gone from 0.64 mm² conductors to the previous 0.57 mm² with 0.08 mm strands. Secondly, a double dielectric has been inserted with two newly developed R-TEC polymers, which can further reduce the electrical capacity (-20%) and eliminate noise. Thirdly, the shields have been strengthened and therefore improved (+10%) to completely reduce external interference.

The Invictus Signal Reference and the Invictus XLR Reference are two cables for which break-in becomes essential. This is due to the dielectric, which reaches maximum efficiency after at least one hundred hours of polarization that occurs with the passage of the low-voltage electrical signal (audio signal). Everything good that was available in the previous cables (OFC copper connectors, Ricable Noise Reduction, semi-balanced and balanced geometries with triple shielding, and much more) has been retained.

For more information on the Invictus Signal Reference, available from 614 euros, you can refer to this product page. To learn more about the Invictus XLR Reference, available starting from 794, you can refer to this other product page.

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