ArgentPur GaN-FET Monoblocs RELEASED!

The ArgentPur GaN-FET Monoblocs have been added to their AgPur solid pure silver cables!

ArgentPur is adding its GaN-FET Monoblocs to its illustrious AgPur solid pure silver cable offerings. These compact monos offer 250w/8 and 500w/4 ohm power, using the renowned Orchard ULTRA balanced module powered by a custom 800w SMPS with a huge 72,000uf capacitive reserve. ALL input, output, and power supply internal wiring is AgPur solid pure 9995 silver. All premium silvered connectors are employed.

This pure Ag pathway provides noticeable improvements in soundstage fleshing and detail over other GaN-FET and Class D designs. It equals Class A musicality but with gut-wrenching bass grip solidity.

The solid thick aluminum chassis is acoustically isolated by thick Sorbothane footers and panel damping. NO tube or other input buffers color this purist presentation…the proverbial “straight wire with gain.” We recommend using a favorite preamp and/or reference-level DAC for reference system optimization.

Inputs include one XLR and one RCA, directly wired to avoid input-switching signal degradation . I have personally been using the Argent/Pur AG 12 silver cables as my reference now for about six months! (Editor)


THD <0.1%

S/N >120dB

Damping Factor >700

Idle <8W

8.5W x 12D x 3.5H in (22 x 29 x 9 cm)

8 pounds (3.5kg)

The preliminary price is only $2950 each, including a generic 13AWG Cu power cable.

The performance will be optimized when powered through an AgPur PC12 Solid Silver cable, linked by AgPur ICs and Speaker Cables.

Availability early May.

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