Alphason and Mike Knowles introduce new SME 100S in North America

Alphason and Mike Knowles introduce new SME 100S. Mike invented the first SME tonearms and the acclaimed 100S is returning to North America at Axpona!

Meet Mike at BOOTH 9200, KirmussAudio and also see  on display in Room 360, SOTA, the HR-200S.


The HR-100S Tone Arm  developed by Michael Knowles was recognized in the 1980s & 90s for setting the benchmark for tonal neutrality, resolution of the finest detail together with exceptionally focused sound staging.

The Absolute Sound at that time referred to the HR-100s as the best tonearm ever made. 30% of all production was sold in the US, many of which on SOTA turntables. Some of his designs were found in SME tonearms in the day.

From the UK to America with love, the new HR-200S offers groundbreaking features, surpassing performance levels of models four times its price, according to initial reviews. Kirmuss Audio will handle North American support, with SOTA as the Distributor. The lineup includes the HR-200S in 9in, 10.5in and 12in options, the VTA Optimiser accessory for precise VTA adjustments, made remotely on the fly from the listening position, and the Xenon-2 with Carbon Chrome bearings, offering high performance at a lower price point.

See these products at Axpona, and where founder Mike Knowles will be present on both the Kirmuss Audio Booth 9200 in the marketplace as well as at the  SOTA stand near 9200 as well as in Room 360.

Mike will also do a short presentation at the KirmussAudio Record Restoration session presented in the Masterclass Theatre April 13, 1-1:45,  Mike will be referencing the importance of tonearm selection. This ties into the discoveries of Kirmuss as to record groove restoration and not record surface shining,  as well as JR Boisclair of Wally Tools/WAM Engineering and cartridge alignment and optimization..

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