Mojo Audio’s New Mystique Y DAC is released!

Mojo Audio’s New Mystique Y DAC gives you all the Mojo at half the price!

Albuquerque, New Mexico (May 22, 2024) Mojo Audio is now shipping their new Mystique Y digital-to-analog converters. The Mystique Y uses the same ultra-purest, non-oversampling, direct-coupled, R-2R typology that has made Mojo Audio’s DACs a favorite of so many music lovers.

Nearly identical in circuit, components, and power supplies to their award-winning Mystique X but engineered to sell for half the price. How is this possible? The Mystique Y has only one input, either USB or coaxial S/PDIF. The Mystique Y is built around the legendary Analog Devices AD1865 vs AD1862 DAC chip. The AD1865 DAC chip gives the Mystique Y a bit of a ”lively” sound than the Mystique X, which many music lovers find preferable.

Mojo Audio’s New Mystique Y DAC

Available in three versions starting at only $3,999. Each version uses different chokes in the analog power supplies: ferrous core, amorphous core, or nano crystal core. The new nano crystal core choke option yields a level of emotional content, harmonic nuance, and organic character, previously unimagined from a digital source.

As with every Mojo Audio product, the Mystique Y is hand-built in the USA from the finest parts available.

Specializing in digital-to-analog conversion, Mojo Audio is driven by their love of music rather than fashionable marketing trends. Their pragmatic minimalistic approach has won them numerous awards from prestigious audio publications.

Mojo Audio’s New Mystique Y DAC inside

Combining the best of 100-year-old, 40-year-old, and modern technologies, Mojo Audio’s digital source components rival the best of analog.

If you need more information on the Mystique Y please contact Benjamin Zwickel at 949.Get.Mojo (949.438.6656) or


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